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Hi! It's me, Tali.  Tali Jacobson.
I have no idea where I am or how old I am when you read this, but if you've experienced time travel, you'll know it's not that significant anyway.  I'm writing rather about a much more important matter - this book, and I don't know how long I have to write, so I'll get straight to the point.  Whatever you do, DON'T read this book.  I know it seems odd there'd be a book that is not reading, but I feel obligated to at least warn you that strange things can happen and in fact did happen to me when I read it.  Some of it good... actually really good, but some of it was horribly frightening, and the problem is once you start, there's no turning back.  I know there are some who would argue that it's already too late.  That fate has taken notice of you and entangled you in its web.  Either way, you're here now, holding this book and reading this letter, and if you're anything like me, you'll probably end up doing what you're not supposed to do.  So, I'll tell you this - there is one way to read this book safely, but you have to trust me and do it exactly as I tell you.  First get a pen and open the book to the very last page.  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT READ any other page  If the words 'The End' appear on the last page, then it'...

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Myth Excerpt

"Friend or foe?" she asked.
Long yellow feathers were braided up with silver grass that spilled over her graceful petite body, which was in total about the size of my hand. Her misty eyes stared at me and her upturned nose seemed poised for a reply, as she hovered like a hummingbird in flight. An acorn flask was slung over one of her shoulders and a thorn was sheathed around her waist like a dagger. It was her skin though that fascinated me, as it wasn't at all like the skin of a human. Instead, she was covered in the tiniest of scales, like the scales of a butterfly wing. The tones and colours shifted with the light of the small lantern she now held up close to my face. A few fireflies flit about within the confines of the lamp, as she waited for my answer.
"Friend?" I replied.
Myth - Chapter Five - Green of Evoluii


Troth - A Dangerous Return

Sequel to Myth, this book opens shortly after Myth ends.  It is not a stand alone book.  In fact, with time travel involved there is a web so tightly woven that if you dare go off course for even a moment, you will most certainly get yourself tangled in its threads.  Therefore, if you haven't read Myth and don't know what in Evoluii I'm talking about, go and read that first.  If you've read Myth, you know the drill - read with caution!  And there's no sense in trying to figure it out before it happens because, like me, you're probably going to do it all wrong anyway.

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Troth Excerpt

"What about my disguise?"
"Yes, she'll be here any minute."
"Nix?" I asked.
"Yes, yes," Alfred nodded as he picked up the plate of petit fours and turned to leave again.
"And she's an elf?" I stopped directly in front of him, hoping to get some answers to my accumulating questions.
"Yes, a changeling to be more specific," he smiled and scooted around me, heading back to the hall.  I was unaware that there were different types of elves.
"And she's going to make me an elf costume?" I asked, following closely behind him.  I imagined the red and green costume of Christmas elves, with bells on their pointy hats and curled up shoes.
"Yes, she's the finest seamstress in Lockhart," he said, entering the parlour again.
"Wait a minute, don't elves have pointy ears?"
"Yes," he said firmly as he turned towards me. "And they are typically much taller than you and don't ask nearly as many questions," he said when the doorbell rang and echoed throughout the home.  He turned to leave, but realizing he still held the plate of butter cream cakes, he returned and handed me the plate. "You can place that on the trolley beside the tea pot and offer her a cup of tea once it is steeped, but not before. Nix likes her tea strong, with two lumps of sugar and lightly stirred with a splash of milk. And whatever you do, don't stare as it's considered extremely rude, and don't shake her hand, rather nod your head in greeting."
""Wait a second," I grabbed Alred's arm before he left to answer the door.  I felt hopelessly lost in his multitude of instructions. "What do you mean nod?"
"As in bow your head, and she's an elder so you want to make sure your head is lower than hers. Just pay attention to all that she says and under no circumstances should you ever interrupt her."
"Okay, but how do I know when the tea is steeped enough? And should I offer her one of the cakes? And you say not to stare, but what if she's talking? Should I not look at her when she's talking or should I look away? And what ha..."
Alfred took one of the pretty cakes off the tray and shoved it into my mouth.
"And don't talk so much," he sighed. "Just follow my lead and you'll be fine," he said, waving me towards the trolley and then scuttling away into the lobby.
Troth - A Dangerous Return - Chapter Seven - Nix